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The Foundation for diehard fans started as a fun way to get the attention of Mikkel Niva and Herman Flesvig, who host the excellent Norwegian podcast "Friminutt". But the members of the Foundation felt it was selfish of us to keep the two geniuses for ourself in Norway, they need International recognition. If you are not Norwegian and would like to experience the great pleasure of hearing the antics on "Friminutt" by the NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) here is our advice:

Learn Norwegian.

It is not that different from English. And lets face it, you probably only know how to speak one language, right? Well, the average Norwegian can speak 4 fluently. Five, if they had German, French or Spanish at secondary school. Yeah, you heard right. I can actually say a few words in quite a few languages, as I feel it is polite to at least know how to say "Hello" and "Do you speak English" in any country I visit. But that is just old, crazy me, you don't have to do that!....

Btw, did you know that several words in the english language come from old Norse, like Skiing, Slalom and Husband. I guess the snow sports ar obvious, as we basically have three seasons of winter and one slightly chilly spring. Think of the poor people in the North of Norway, who live in darkness for half the year! There are some serious badasses up there, I tell you.

And of course we are badasses! Hello! Have you heard of Vikings? Scandinavians basically explored the whole world, long before Cristopher Columbus or any of those other losers. But I digress. You can learn Norwegian on Dualigno.

Thank you for your visit to the Website for Diehard fans of Mikkel Niva!

Please come back again soon. Why know, there might be more fun stuff here then, because, let's face it, our work is far from over. But when you do, I expect you to at least know how to say: Snakker du engelsk? So you can listen and try to comprehend the genius of "Friminutt" by Mikkel Niva and Herman Flesvig.

And no, I am not posting the link. You are a grown person, you are fully capable of Googling it yourself. Do I have to do everything for you? I am not your mother.

You can listen to their podcast on NRKradio and Spitify.

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